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Here are some suggested concept questions. Obviously it all depends on the situations you are working from.

Why don't you take an aspirin?
Why don't you + infin. for suggestions/advice.

- What's the problem? She's got a headache.
- Does her friend want to help? Yes.
- How does she help? Talks of an aspirin. Suggests an aspirin.
- So do we use 'Why don't you..' for suggestions? Yes.

If I won the pools, I'd buy a house.
If + past simple, sub + would +. infin. Second conditional

- Have I won the pools? No
- Is it probable that I'll win the pools? No
- Is it a hypothetical idea? Yes.
- Which part of the sentence is the condition & which the consequence? 1st & 2nd.
- What's the consequence of winning the pools? Buy a big house.

You should've stayed at home.
Subj + should + have + past participle

- Does this refer to the past, present or future? Past
- Did he stay at home? No.
- Where was he? At the pub.
- What happened while he was at the pub? His house burned down.
- Does his friend think it was a good idea to go to the pub? No.
- Is he criticising a past or present action? A past action.

Oh I know, I'll have the steak.
Subj + will + infin. - for spontaneous decisions.

- What does he want? The steak.
- When did he plan to have the steak - at that moment of speaking or before? At that moment.
- So, is it a planned or spontaneous decision? A spontaneous decision.

I've had the car serviced.
to have something done

- Did I service the car? No.
- Who serviced the car? The mechanic.
- Is it important that we know which mechanic? No.
- Is it important to mention the mechanic? No.
- Is this an active or a passive sentence? A passive sentence.

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