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Questions about the year 2011 in no particular order.
Word version of the quiz & answers

Click on the globe at the end for the answers. Clearly some questions will be more relevant to certain nationalities - choose to suit. Use the opportunity to delve into the topics in more detail & give more speaking practice, maybe preparing how you might do this for when you discuss the answers. Students could then discuss their personal highlights of the past year & also what they would like to see happen in the world & personally achieve in the coming year.

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1. Which season of the year was given as the name to the Arab uprisings?

2. Which Arab dictator met an early death while trying to escape?

3. Where did the western demonstrations begin?

4. Which currency dominated the end of the year?

5. Which country's uprising happened in Liberation Square?

6. After a record-breaking 589 days which country finally had a government?

7. Which country suffered a tsunami that seriously affected a nuclear power plant?

8. Which UK newspaper was involved in a phone-hacking scandal?

9. Who won an Oscar for playing a stuttering King?

10. Who won the Rugby world Cup in their home country?

11. Which Italian politician finally departed from office?

12. Which businessman died & was then strangely promoted as a role model to millions?

13. What didn't happen on 21 October 2011?

14. Which Spanish vegetable was wrongly blamed for an E.coli outbreak in Germany?

15. What did the UN say happened on 31st October?

16. Which famous diva of the screen dies in March?

17. What's the name of the Facebook competitor launched this year?

18. Who was finally caught & killed after a ten year manhunt?

19. Who proved to be the best footballer in the world?

20. Who sadly died before the release of her third album?

Quiz 2011 answers

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