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Review of the year
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Questions about the year 2010 in no particular order.

Click on the globe at the end for the answers. Clearly some questions will be more relevant to certain nationalities - choose to suit. Use the opportunity to delve into the topics in more detail & give more speaking practice, maybe preparing how you might do this for when you discuss the answers.

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1.Who was freed after 15 years house arrest?Aung San Suu Kyi

2. "I was with God and I was with the devil. They fought over me, but God won. I think I had extraordinary luck." Said by one of 33 men where?
Chilean miners

3. What great occasion happened on July 11th in South Africa?
Spain 6 the World Cup

4.What disrupted flying over Europe in May?
volcano ash

5. What happened in Haiti in January?
Haiti earthquake

6. Who said, "I want my life back." after others lost their lives & livelihoods were wiped out in an ecological disaster?
BP disaster

7. Which other South American country had a devastating earthquake in February?
Chilean earthquake

8. What was the most annoying sound of the World Cup?

9. Who became the new President of Brazil & one of the most powerful people in the world after her humble beginnings in an armed struggle?
Dilma Rousseff

10. Which Spanish tennis player had a great year?
Rafa Nadal

11. In May which European country had a violent general strike?
Greece demos

12. Which smartphone OS gained ground?

13. Which Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner was unable to attend the ceremony?
Liu Xiaobo

14. Who was the first woman to win an Oscar for best director & for which film?

15. After seven & a half years at are which country left which country?
US soldier

16. Which gadget dominated the news?

17. Who won the Nobel prize for Literature?
Vargas Llosa

18. Which organisation caused acute embarrassment to politicians around the world towards the end of the year?

19. Where were the winter Olympic Games held?Vancouver Games

20. Where did students demonstrate over a huge increase in fees?
Student demos

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