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To present and give controlled practice of 'Could I + inf' and 'Could you + inf' as polite requests by Gerard Eley


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Preliminary information

Time: 1hr

Level: Beginners

Main Aims:

To present and give controlled practice of 'Could I + inf' and 'Could you + inf' as polite requests.

Subsidiary Aims:
To give listening practice for checking information
To review recently taught food vocabulary
To give less controlled speaking practice
To develop stds' language awareness

Timetable fit:
The stds have recently learnt 'would like' as a more polite way of saying 'want'. So the introduction of 'could' logically follows on from this. The theme has been food and the area of some and any has been looked at. The vocabulary area still needs revision.

Assumed Knowledge:
The stds should know 'Can I.' and 'Can you.' for requests. They also know could as the past of can when referring to ability.

Anticipated Problems:
Checking the order of the dialogue with the tape may prove to be difficult for the weaker stds. If so I will refer them to the tapescript in the book.
The use of 'could' in the present may be confusing but this point should be cleared up at the presentation stage.
The stds have been taught 'some' for positive sentences and 'any' for questions and negatives as a general guideline. However, the 'Could.' always takes some when talking about plural nouns or uncountable nouns. I don't want to go into an in-depth explanation of the difference at this stage, so I will tell them this is an exception to the rule if this point arises.

Copies of the conversation to be put in order
Tape from Headway Elementary - T52 p 67 - see below cut up
& the written consolidation on p68
Pictures and words for pelmanism - not supplied here with the lesson plan.


Stage 1 Lead-in - Aim to warm up students and lead into the idea of 'hotels'

2 mins S-S

1. Stds tell partner about their last holiday - T gives example.
2. Pairwork
3. Feedback

Stage 2 Aims: to develop language awareness through logical sequencing

10 mins S-S

1. Stds put dialogue from into order
2. Stds listen to the tape for the correct version. (If very difficult refer stds to tapescript in stds book)

Stage 3
Presentation of  'Could I.' and 'Could you.?'

20 mins T-S-T

1. On board 'Could I have a room for the night please?'
2. Concept questions 'What does she want?' 'The past or now?' 3.On board 'Could you sign the register please?'
4. Concept questions 'What does he want?' 'The past or now?'
5. Elicit the difference between 'Could I.?' meaning 'I want.' and 'Could you.?' meaning 'I want you to do something'
6. Elicit grammatical structure 'Could + I + infinitive without to' 'Could + you + infinitive without to + (me)'
7. Stds copy
8. Model and drill
Substitution drill 'Could I have the bill please?' 'Could I have a table for two please?' 'Could you call me a taxi please?' 'Could you open the window please?' - see prompts below.

Stage 4 Controlled written consolidation

10 mins S-SS-T-S

1. Refer stds to book pg 68, ex 3 - stds complete sentences with 'Could I' or 'Could you'
2. Stds compare
3. Feedback

Stage 5 Revision of food vocabulary and 'Do you have.'

20 mins S-S

1. Pelmanism - stds match pics to words - in small groups

Stage 6 Speaking practice with 'could'

1. Redistribute the cards so that each std has some pictures and some words - stds ask other stds if they have the picture that corresponds to their word. Stds have to find and collect the word picture pairs.
2. Elicit possible structures and replies 'Do you have any.?' 'Could I have.?' Could you give me.?' 'Yes, here you are.' 'Sorry I don't have any.'
3. Activity & teacher monitors gives feedback on activity.
4. Feedback & correction work.

Hotel dialogue - stage 2
Certainly. A single or a double?
Just this one bag
Yes, sure. Do you want my address too?
Here's your key. Your room number is 311. I hope you enjoy your stay
Good evening. Can I help you?
A shower. How much is the room?
Yes please. Could I have a room for the night?
No thanks. Just breakfast. Can I pay by credit card?
Yes of course. We take Visa and Access. Could you sign the register please?
No. Just a signature. Do you have any luggage?
Would you like room with a shower or a bath?
72 for the room and breakfast.
Would you like an evening meal?
Single please.


Could practice - stage 3
(Ask for a room)
Could I.?
(Single or double?)
Would you like.?
(Pay by credit card)
Can I.?
(yes, Visa and Access)
Yes. We take.
( a bottle of champagne in my room)
Could I have...?
(Yes. Room number?)
Certainly. What room.?
(order me a taxi)
Could you.?
Yes. What.?
(the bill)
Could I have.?

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