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Paparazzi passives lesson plan
by Nigel McGloin
- lesson procedure


Stage 1 - Lead-in Pre-Reading

10 mins
tch-std, stds-stds, stds-tch, tch-std

To arouse stds interest in the following text.
To provide a link from previous class.
To review and pre-teach items that will come up in text/topic
To provide a written record of vocabualry. items.

1. Ask stds about Catherine Zeta-Jones from the last class. Who's she married to?, Have you seen the photos of their wedding? Where can you see them, (use realia) and elicit/give tabloid press. Who takes these type of pictures? elicit/give paparazzi. Ask stds what they know about the paparrazi and what they think of them. ( could ask stds if they know the connection between 'Hello' magazine, the paparraziand Zeta-Jones,they are presently in court suing (teach sue) them for a million dollars)

2. Tell students they are going to read a text about the paparazzi. Teach the following words: embarrassing, harass, assault, chase , acquit, . Re-cap the items. Write them up with the stress marked.

3.In pairs stds complete the vocabulary handout.

4. Feedback the answers, ask for agreement.

Stage 2 - Reading

10 mins
tch-stds, std-stds, stds-tch

To use a reading text as a context for the presentation of the passive.
To give some intensive reading practice

1. Stds read the text and find the connections between the two items.

2. In pairs compare their answers

3. Feedback, ask stds for agreement with each other, if not, direct them to the particular part of text.

4. Ask stds if there was anything that surprised them, shocked them etc.

Stage 3 - Grammar focus

20 mins
tch-stds, std-std, tch-stds, stds-stds, tch-stds, stds-stds, tch-stds

To review the different forms of the passive.
To lead students to discovering the uses of the passive.
To raise students awareness of uses of passive.
To provide some controlled practice where stds recognise the different uses.

1. Elcit an example of the passive from the text, or use' the photograph is then sold, remind stds how we make the passive (Monday's class). Tell stds we are going to look at uses of the passive but first direct them in pairs to find examples of the passive in the text, monitor and help

2. Feedback, stds compare with OHP.

3. Grammar focus, stds in pairs/threes focus on sentences from the text ( on board, or handout) stds answer the questions relating to the use of the passive.

4. Feedback their answers, in open class. Highlight the three reasons ( on board)a) to move the topic/ theme to the beginning its more important what happened than who did itb) when the agent is obvious. c)) when the agent is unknown, / not important

5. In pairs stds look at the examples in the text and think about how they are used. Point out that often the sentences may fit into more than one reason.

6. Feedback with the class, help to clear up doubts.(remember many times there is more than one reason.)

Stage 4 - Controlled practice

10 mins
tch-stds, std-std, stds-tch

To highlight similarities and /or differences between stds L1 and English.
To allow stds to use the structure in wrting activity.

1. Stds in pairs translate 3 sentences from the text into Spanish, then fold over the original English sentences. Quick finishes try to find other possible translations. Remind stds to talk only in English

2. Pairs change sentences and translate back into English, turn over the paper and compare with the original sentences.

3. Feedback, tell stds you have the translations put them on the board, (OHP) , ask if they agree.

Stage 5 - Speaking

10 mins
tch-stds, stds-stds, stds-tch

To provide speaking practice.
Have stds practise some of the structure

1. Stds get into groups of three, give them the handout. They discuss the questions/statements in groups of three/four. Monitor and intervene when needed. (Make a note of one or two good uses of English, and mistakes to highlight at end of class).

2. Feedback with the class, who is in favour or against the paparazzi and gossip press, who was to blame for Diana's death.

'If time' activity

5 mins
tch-stds, stds-stds

To finish off with a guessing game if there is time over

1. Guess the famous actors/people, give cards out/ or stds think themselves. First, with the whole class, then stds do it in groups.

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