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Lesson plan to accompany the February 2002 Newsletter

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Preliminary information

Time: 60-75 minutes??

Level: Intermediate upwards

To give intensive listening practice - 3
To give freer speaking practice
- stages 1, 2 & 5

That the stds will be interested in the euro.
That the language in the text will not be too difficult.

Anticipated Problems and Solutions:
Some of the vocabulary may be challenging >> pre-teach essential items when setting up the prediction task in stage 2.
The mutual dictation might be a new activity to them >> clear instructions & an example with another std.

Introductory Euro Quiz
Complete text & the 2 versions for the mutual dictation

Counting euros


Stage 1.Intro to the Euro - a questionnaire

10-15 mins tch<>stds, std<>std, tch<>stds

1. Elicit what 'facts' the group know about the Euro.
2. Instructions for the questionnaire.
3. Handout questionnaire - stds do this in pairs or small groups.
4. Feedback - pick up on interesting points & extend the discussion. Ask, in preparation for the next stage, if they have heard of anything amusing happen with the start of the euro.

Stage 2. Predict the content

5-10 mins tch<>stds, std<>std, tch<>stds

1. Put the following words on the board & check all understand them

(a large department store)
pocket money
designer goods
exchange rate

2. Prediction - in groups of 3 stds discuss what the article could be about.
3. Feedback - elicit stories from each group.

Stage 3. Mutual dictation

20 mins tch<>stds, std<>std, tch<>stds

1. Explain the task - that the stds dictate the bits of the text that they have to their partner who writes it down & then change roles etc. until they both have the complete text.
2. Handout blanked texts.
3. do an example so all can see what to do.
4. Pairwork - dictate - go round & help if necessary.
5. When stds finished they look at each other's texts to check spelling.

Stage 4. Checking understanding

5-10 mins tch<>stds,

1. Elicit which of the prediction stories was closest to real story. Elicit anything else that happened in the story.
2. A response to the text - do they think the boy got away with it? (There is no answer to this in the text) Should he? What do you think?

Euro shadow

Stage 5. Speaking practice

10-15 mins tch<>stds, std<>std, tch<>stds

1. Set up a roleplay explain - between Richard & the shopkeeper who has become suspicious.
2. Assign roles - time to think about what they are going to say?
3. Roleplay - go round & take notes on +/- things said.
4. Content feedback - what was the outcome of the conversation?
5. Linguistic feedback - put up examples of mistakes that the group could correct & some good utterances - stds decide which need correcting & do so & then get a pat on the back for the good ones.

Alternatively, you could set up an interview roleplay with the boy, Richard Shields. Maybe add in a representative from Debenhams who thinks Richard should be charged with stealing, his father who defends Richard.....

Many people say that prices have gone up under cover of the introduction of the euro - you could have a discussion about this, if in Europe, - true or not with examples - & then onto a roleplay between customer & shopkeeper. The customer complains that the shopkeeper has short-changed him & that the prices are too high.......


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