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Developing recommends the following books & journals - about learning, the brain & memory
- for the more experienced teacher
- books on coaching

General books about learning, the brain & memory

The Brain Book

P.Russell (Routledge)

Use Your Memory
T.Buzan (BBC)

Use Your Head
T.Buzan (BBC)


Reading for the experienced EL teacher

•••••••••• Methodology ••••••••••

Language Teaching Methodology
D.Nunan (Phoenix)

Methodology in Language Teaching -
An Anthology of Current Practice
Ed. Jack Richards & Willy Renandya (CUP)

Memory, Meaning & Method
E.Stevick (Newbury House)

Principles of Language Teaching & Learning
H.D.Brown (Longman)

Challenge and Change in Language Teaching
Willis & Willis (Heinemann)

Approaches & Methods in Language Teaching
Richards & Rogers (CUP)

In Your Hands - NLP in ELT
J.Revell & S.Norman (Saffire Press)

Handing Over
J.Revell & S.Norman (Saffire Press)

The Language Teacher's Voice
A.Maley (Heinemann)

Teaching for Success
M.Fletcher (Brain-Friendly Publications)

•••••••••• Language Awareness ••••••••••

Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers
M.McCarthy (CUP)

Discover English
R.Bolitho & B.Tomlinson (Heinemann)

The English Verb
M.Lewis (LTP)

Lexical Approach
M.Lewis (LTP)

•••••••••• Speaking Skill ••••••••••

M.Bygate (OUP)

•••••••••• Listening Skill ••••••••••

Anderson & Lynch (OUP)

•••••••••• Reading Skill ••••••••••

Teaching Reading Skills
C.Nuttall (Heinemann)

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