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Young Learners : step by step
on the road to autonomy
Pierre Pinet
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1/. Exchanging civilities : (2 to 3 minutes)

Choose topics in the following list: greetings, date, time, weather, calling the register, the day’s event…

The teacher should find strategies (oral or visual prompts) to get students to speak and also to introduce simple new language in relation to the situation of the day.

2/. Reinvestment of language acquisitions: (about 12 minutes)

Choose between 4 possible directions:

a). Re-opening a communicative situation, as performed during the previous lesson enabling students to use the last function studied in class.

In the example ( image 1), virtual Identity Cards such as Queen Elisabeth, David Beckham, Britney Spears… are given to the children for a role-play

b). Finding a different situation enabling them to use the same function.

In the example, a simple French flag will bring the children back to real life…

c). Mixing different earlier functions with the one studied last.

No reinvestment of this type in the example…

d). If needed, revising vocabulary or structures from which the teacher will introduce the new function. (Transition from the known to the unknown…)

Using a new visual aid (see Scan 8), students are invited to give more details…

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