The importance of predicting and interacting
with texts in developing learners reading skills
by Malgorzata Bryndal
- Lesson materials

1. Read the following text quickly. What is the job of the lady in the picture?


Channel-surfing star


Lady of many parts

She flits from one channel to the other with remarkable ease and most roles fit her like a glove. That’s because Sangeeta Ghosh meticulously picks and chooses the parts she wants to play. As of now this Calcutta lass has Mehndi Tere Naam Ki on Zee TV, Desh Mein Nikla Hoga Chand on Star Plus and Bazaar on DD-1.

Starting her career as a child artist in HumHindustani, she graduated to more mature roles in serials like Daraar, Adhikar and Kurukshetra. The high point of her career came with Mehndi Tere Naam Ki where she played the role of a handicapped person, shunned by her lover. She received wide applause for her sensitive portrayal of a disabled girl. Aroona Irani who directed the serial was so impressed with her performance that she offered her the lead role in her next venture Desh Mein Nikla Hoga Chand much of which is being shot in London.

Straight from the set Sangeeta joined me to talk about love, infidelity and her fears…

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2. What kind of text do you think is going to come next:

- a story - an article - an interview - a review?

3a. Before you continue reading discuss with your friends:

  • What kind of life do you think Sangeeta has as an actress ?
  • How much time do you think she has for her family and friends?
  • What would you like to find out about her?
  • What kind of questions would you like to ask her?

Now read the next part to see if you can find answers to any of your questions.

“I am not very patient and I’m not going to give you any ‘Miss India’ type of answers”, she warns, running a quick eye over my set of questions. “I don’t like to fake it, so you won’t get any correct answers from me. ‘Nice’ is boring, give me ‘spice’ any time, any day”, she adds with a cheerful grin. I oblige and ask:

What is your ideal man?

“I don’t have a vision of my ideal man. It is possible I could fall in love with the ugliest man in the world or with the most handsome guy who turns out to be a womaniser. You never know. But one thing is important – he has to be intelligent, intelligent enough to understand and handle me.”

What is the one physical feature in men that you find attractive?

“All the men I have dated have not been that great looking. Actually, I am usually attracted to intellectual guys, but the physical feature that most allures me is their eyes.”

Have you ever had any bad dating experiences?

“Hmmm…not really. I have always been very choosy as to whom I go out with. So far, touchwood, I’ve never had any bad luck.”

What would you do if you realised that your husband was cheating on you?

“I would probably ask for an explanation because I believe that human feelings cannot be controlled. Your heart can wander anytime. And if the explanation is justifiable, I wouldn’t mind forgiving him.”

Has Sangeeta been lucky in love so far?

3b. Read the text again and with your partner decide if these statements are true, false or impossible to say.

  • Sangeeta is married.
  • For Sangeeta intelligence is more important than looks in a man.
  • Sangeeta can be difficult in relationships with men.
  • Sangeeta would always forgive a cheating partner.

What do you think is more important looks or intelligence?

4. Now read the questions from the second part of the interview. With your partner discuss how you think Sangeeta will answer these questions?

1. Is there anything you are afraid of?

2. Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about at all?

3. If the world was coming to an end and you could save one person, who would it be and why?

4. What day do you fear the most?

5. If you knew that you had just one day to live, what would you do?

6. Would you rather find one million dollars or true love?

7. Have you ever run away from a particular situation?

5. Read Sangeeta’s answers and try to match them with the questions.

a. I don’t want to be left alone in this fast-paced world where people are running everywhere and stepping over one another. I fear to be left all alone. I am petrified of having to live my life all alone.

b. The day I die. I don’t want to die and I’m being honest about this.

c. I can’t remember anything at the moment, but I am sure there must have been something or the other. After all I wasn’t born to be perfect.

d. Myself. I am selfish, that’s every person’s basic instinct. I would save myself.

e. I think if I knew that I had only one day to live, I’d die immediately of a heart attack!!! As I said earlier, I am pretty scared of dying!

f. I hate both. Not that I don’t gossip, but some people go overboard with it. They thrive on gossip. I can’t take that. And I think in my profession, if I am not talked about at all it’s not a very good thing either.

g. I can earn one million dollars, but it’s difficult to find true love, so I’d rather have true love than money.

SOURCE: and Cineblitz International April 2006

Were your predictions right?

What do you think about Sangeeta’s answers? What kind of person do you think she might be?

6. Work with your partner. Choose some of the questions from the second part of the interview and ask each other.

Do you have anything in common with Sangeeta and with each other?

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