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Teaching functional exponents for making, rejecting & accepting suggestions
by Esther Ratcliff
- 2


In this lesson, students are presented with a basic range of exponents for making, rejecting and accepting suggestions.

Making suggestions

Rejecting suggestions

Accepting suggestions

Lexical set of 'free time'

Assumed knowledge

The students will be have some knowledge of lexical sets for talking about free-time activities such as cinema, film, restaurant. They will also be able to assimilate the new lexis in the listening.

The students will be familiar with verb+noun patterns such as go+shopping; go to+the, a concert, art gallery, theatre, local zoo; play+computer games, cook+something.

They will be familiar with stress patterns, but not in functional language.

They will be familiar with some of the meta-language in the lesson such as infinitive and –ing.

I have been encouraging a lot of classroom language and they should be able to work together and use a range of classroom phrases together, i.e, you start, your go etc. I have also been encouraging language for sequencing and talking about preferences which they will need at the beginning of the lesson.

They will be familiar with the set-up of the speaking activity as they are used to speaking to different members of the class and get a lot of enjoyment from these activities.

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