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There are several ways of looking at pronunciation in the classroom. It can be in isolated pronunciation activities that highlight a useful aspect for the learners, it can be integrated or it can be looked at in correction as it crops up. We have briefly looked at integrating phonology in 'Phontegrated':
And in 'Sounding right' we looked at sound problems & correction:

Another way of integrating & consolidating phonology is through warmer, cooler & filler activities. Here are a few ideas:

Short activities with sounds:

- introduce a couple of new phonemes - give words containing the sounds, students work out the predominant sounds & go on to think of other words with the same sounds.

- phonemic hangman.

- put a phoneme on each students' forehead with sellotape & they wander round saying words to each other containing the sound they see on the other foreheads & each student guesses their phoneme from what they hear.

- noughts & crosses with phonemes.

- bingo with phonemes.

- dictate words - minimal pairs - & students put in the correct sound column.

- tongue twisters - 'She sells sea shells on the sea shore' - students practise saying them as quickly as they can.

- spell out words & students guess how they are said.

- give the spelling & students guess how they are written.

- info gap maps - give out maps with streets that have minimal pairs - eg. Ship Street & Sheep Street - students ask each other for directions.

- Check out the following pages for these activities:

Short activities with word stress:

- dictate words & students put on correct stress columns.

- review a couple of stress rules by getting the students to work out which rules from a group of words.

- give a series of words - find the odd word out - the word with the different stress.

- give each students a word & a different stress pattern. The students wander around humming their stress pattern & when they hear the pattern of their word they get the pattern from the hummer.

Short activities for prominence:

- give newspaper headlines or telegrams & students write them out in full form. After highlight the information function of prominence.

- students write telegrams on each others' backs, a letter at a time. After, same as above.

- find a short text, maybe one the group have already looked at, & copy it twice, tippexing out & adding different information in one. The students read out their texts & correct each other. Good for contrastive/corrective stress.

For a list of general warmers. fillers & coolers:

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