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Games for Language Learning cover


Games for Language
(Cambridge Handbooks for
Language Teachers)

by Andrew Wright , David Betteridge
& Michael Buckby

Review written by Thomas Simon

Here's what the publishers say on the back of Games For Language Learning:

If you think games are just for young learners, think again. Games provide meaningful and enjoyable language practice at all levels and for all age groups. The can be used to practise any of the skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - at any stage of the learning process, from controlled repetition through guided practice to free expression.

This completely revised edition of the 'classic' title Games For Language Learning has been restructured to enable busy teachers to navigate it with ease and select the activities most suitable for each of their classes. The games can be integrated easily into existing coursework. there is a new section on solo games for independent learners and the games have been selected to cater for a variety of learning styles.

This new edition offers chapters on:

  • Icebreakers and warmers
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary and spelling
  • Grammar
  • Solo games

Games For Language Learning certainly has been around for a long time as any experienced teacher will testify. I remember thumbing through it when I first started teaching, looking for activities & ideas to provide a bit of stimulation.

This new edition looks much more up to date, fitting in with the style of the other excellent Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers, many of which we have reviewed here on the site.

Games For Language Learning is literally packed with activities that show not only each idea clearly but, importantly, the many directions that the teacher can go in the classroom. The use of 'Games' in the title emphasises the imaginative & fun nature of the ideas in the book, although the book could equally be entitled 'Activities For Language Learning' as they are all part & parcel of good language teaching, that of making lessons interesting, relevant, imaginative & fun.

Games For Language Learning is an indispensible resource for the new teacher & should be in every training library. For the experienced teacher it is good to have a look at how many activities they aleady have at their disposal, as well as a variety of new activities. Games For Language Learning should once again find a well deserved slot on the teacher's shelf.

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