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Developing recommends the following books & journals - for the teacher trainer
- dictionaries


English Language Teaching Journal - ELTJ

Reading & material for the teacher trainer

Models & Metaphors in Language Teaching
T.Woodward (CUP)

Training Foreign Language Teachers
M.Wallace (CUP)

Tasks for Language Teachers
M.Parrott (CUP)

Teaching Children English
D.Vale (CUP)

Literature & Language Teaching
G.Lazar (CUP)

A few recommended books on Coaching:

Coaching with NLP: How to Be a Master Coach - O'Connor Joseph

Case for Coaching - Jessica Jarvis

Coaching for Performance(People Skills for Professionals)- John Whitmore

Coaching : Evoking Excellence in Others - James Flaherty

The Coach U Personal and Corporate Coach Training Handbook - Coach U Inc


The Teacher Trainer


Cobuild English Dictionary

Longman Active Study Dictionary

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

Cambridge Encyclopedia of English Language

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